Do you like to chew gum?  As a kid I always loved Wrigley's "Juicy Fruit," and now I enjoy Trident Sugarless Fruit Gum.   Just has a good flavor to me.   But I probably chew a lot less gum than I used to when I was younger.  And it seems gum sales have slipped 11% in the past four years. 



Why are gum sales down?  There seems to be a few reasons.  

1. People don't want to fork over $2 a pack for something they're going to spit out in just a few minutes.

2. There are lots of alternatives to gum like mints and fruit chews that people just like better.  Me?  I LOVE Altoids!!

3. Manners. Who wants to interview an employee (or even a date for that matter) who's chomping on a big wad of gum. (Huff Post)