Around this area---lots of Viking, Packers, and Broncos fans, and a few like me---Seattle Seahawks fans--hey---we did win the Superbowl--clobbering Denver.  But for you Packers fans, now you have your own dating website!!


It’s hard to date – or marry – someone with very different religious views. Same goes for politics. And, the same goes for being involved with someone who roots for a different NFL team that you choose to support.   Well---here's great news for you fans of the Packers, your website is this: if you're looking for love, won't hook up with anyone but a fan of the Packers---you know "Cheese-Heads!!"   Fans of the Packers pride themselves on being some of the most loyal in all of sports, there’s something to be said for the singles you just might find on the   Loyal Packers fans should make for very loyal romantic partners, eh???   (Fansided)