Park River, a town about 60 miles northwest of Grand Forks is apparently the 'cutest' town in North Dakota.

In all honesty, I don't fully know what that means but the website PureWow named the cutest town in every state and for North Dakota, their decision was Park River.

They give no clues as to what factors contributed to the title, but according to PureWow:

This small, agricultural town surrounded by potato and sunflower fields is the kind of place where everyone knows each other’s name. And where you can still catch a movie at the Lyric Theater, which has been open since 1917.

Park River calls itself, "The Town with a Heart" and was founded in 1884. If you need an excuse to visit the agricultural town filled with a plethora of corn, sunflowers, potatoes and much more, Saturday, Sept. 10 may be a good day for you.

There will be a city-wide rummage sale. You can view a map of everyone participating and what kinds of items they will be selling here.

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