The Souris River near Burlington, North Dakota, recently started turning red. State officials believe the color change has been caused by a microorganism, but one pastor believes there's a more prophetic reason.

According to his website,, Pastor Paul Begley hosts a TV show about Holy Bible Prophecy and how events taking place in today's world relate to what has been told in the Bible.

One of those prophecies, of course, is water turning into blood. As Begley states in the video above, officials in North Dakota have not yet tested the water to prove that it is, in fact, a microorganism causing the river to turn red. They just believe that's the case.

What Begley suggests is that, if you're willing to believe it's microorganisms causing the river to turn red, why shouldn't you also be willing to believe that this could be a sign of the end of days?

Ultimately, Begley just wants the water to be tested to prove that it is actually a microorganism causing this to happen. Until that is done, Begley believes, and he wants you to believe, that this could be an indication that the end of days is upon us.

According to Valley News Live, the microorganism causing the Souris River to turn red is actually 'euglena sanguinea,' which floats on the water's surface and has a very distinct red hue.

So, do you believe the scientific reason behind the now red Souris River or do you believe it may be a prophecy?

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