Cool 98-point-7 had a little stash of Paul McCartney tickets for this Saturday's show in Fargo.   We offered up a fun way to win a pair of tickets and a $100 gas card to get you to Fargo and back.    We had 100's of entries---many members of our listening family guessing the answers to our Paul McCartney trivia questions.   Lots of folks got all 10 right, so we had a random drawing and picked our winners and announced them on Tuesday morning at the Breakfast Table!!


Our first winner is Jeff Barth, he admits he got a little help from his wife on some of the questions, and Jeff and his wife will be heading to Fargo for the show on SaturdayHere's Your Earlyl Morning Radio Pal JJ Hemingway and Jeff with those winning McCartney tickets!   Jeff---ENJOY THE SHOW---Courtesy of COOL 98.7!!!