It's easy to talk a good game -- and far more difficult to back it up with action. Here are some personal one-week tests that every guy should try at least once:

Go One Week without Watching TV -- Probably easier when it's not football season.

Go One Week without Being on the Internet -- Imagine a week without emails, Facebook and fantasy sports scores. Would the World Wide Web come to a halt if you weren't watching?

Go One Week Working Out Every Single Day -- Of course you don't have to lift weights every day, but try doing cardio, something, anything, every single day for a week. You'll be amazed how good you feel.

Go One Week Cooking Yourself Dinner Each Day -- No take-out. No drive-thrus. Just you, your kitchen and some pots and pans.

I think I could do most of these---except give up the internet for a week--i have to use it for my on-air work--couldn't do what I do with my work---without the internet!!

Now--what say you? Could you do any or all of these, hmmmmmmmmmmmm?