Don't be shy, guys are pretty easy to snag no matter what you say. But if you need some encouragement, here are some pick-up lines that will work ...

"Hi" -- Honest and direct. Your confidence and friendliness will be refreshing to him.

"Can you help me?" -- Guys like to feel smart and useful, so giving him the opportunity to help you will make him feel special and, therefore, interested in you.

"I like your (fill in blank)" -- Find something you like about him -- his eyes, clothes, etc.

"Want a bite?" -- Offer the cutie at the next table a bite of cake. Chances are he will take you up on that bite, giving you the opportunity to engage in conversation.

"Oh, I'm sorry." -- Accidentally bump into or squeeze by your target and say "Excuse me" to get the ball rolling.

"You're cute, and I got sick of waiting for you to come over and talk to me." -- There is nothing wrong with going up to a guy and just saying what you're thinking. Chances are he will really appreciate it.