Nothing more delicious than hot fresh pizza and it looks like that heavenly smell of just out of the oven pizza  will be available in a bottle!  Here's the lowdown on how you can smell like pizza!!


The fragrance company "Demeter," which is famous for producing scents like "leather" "cotton candy" and "funeral home"--whatever that may be!  They are now adding "pizza" to the mix.

It says it smells just like "tomato sauce, mozzarella, and oregano" and claims, “It's just like what you smell when you walk into your favorite pizzeria."Supposed this scent may make us consume a lot more carbs.  And I ca see it now---a man telling a woman---"Oh baby--I just love your pepperoni and extra cheese"  Then again---maybe NOT!!!  And it makes me wonder who's going to be first to offer this---Domino's, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, A&B, Bruno's or perhaps Papa Murphy's.   (WomensHealth)