There is a sense, a confrontation is imminent between authorities and the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters.

You can sense a major confrontation is obvious as communications breakdown between lawmen and Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters as national support come from politicians to Hollywood stars come to defend and support the DAP protesters. Both sides are standing firm and you can feel the tension in the air. The construction company released a statement encouraging trespassers to “vacate the land immediately.”

There is a growing sign of force five miles north of campsite with military and lawmen from over 6 states. This includes armored vehicles and a growing number of man power. Both sides are standing firm. Even with the large amount military and police presence which include busses, military tents and Humvees, Morton County authorities are hush-hush on their next move. With the build up of manpower, it's obvious something is about to happen.

The protest is in the 11th week as State Highway 1806 remains closed in both directions.

The pipeline construction is at Highway 1806 as the pipeline is headed toward the Missouri River. The protesters camp are preventing the progress of the construction.

A spokesperson for the protesters say "we believe they are going to move us".