Don't know if was a toy you just had to have as a child, or if there's some your kids had to have or your kids want for this year.   I found a list of some of the hottest toys over the past 70 years and what they cost to make the kiddos happy!!


      1940s -- Wooden Pull Along Walking Dog: $1.25

      1940s -- World War II Model Planes: $1.00

      1950s -- Metal Fire Truck: $2.50

      1960s -- Troll Dolls: $1.49

      1960s -- Mousetrap Game: $4

      1970s -- Atari 400 Home Computer: $500

      1980s -- Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head: $5

      1980s -- Pound Puppies: $18

      1990s -- Tickle Me Elmo: $28