I love going the movies...one of my favorite things on this planet to do.  It's a nice couple hours to escape reality and the hassles and headaches of the day.   Got some results of a new study of movies, and after reading it---it DOES make sense.


Looks like violence in movies has tripled since the 1980s – and films that were rated R back then would be rated PG-13 today.    Take movies like "The Avengers" and even "The Hunger Games" both of those films have more violence then those R-Rated movies back 30 years ago.  The study also took a look at the Bruce Willis Die Hard movies, such as Die Hard 2---both of those got an "R" rating in the 1990's, and in 2007 the much more violent movie--- Live Free or Die Hard, only got a rating of PG-13. 

This study really made me think that seeing more violence on the big screen could lead to more agression in real life--which is what we've been hearing from experts for many many years.  What say you??    (Daily Mail)