If you're single and have been spending the holiday season solo perhaps you're wanting a little romance in your life.  The #1 way people meet now a days IS on-line.  I'm sure you've heard about match.com and of course e-harmony, and maybe Plenty Of Fish.   Those are the top sites, but they are just the beginning.  There are lots of unique dating sites for folks with very specific requirements for someone special.  So---it looks like there really is someone out there for just about everyone.   Here's some of the most--shall we say---usual dating site on the internet---check them out and join at your own risk!!


FarmersOnly.com:  Cowboys, cowgirls, ranchers, farmers and country folk only on this particular dating site

WomenBehindBars.com: Looking for a lady who can't get away? How about a woman in prison? This site matches jailed women with pen-pals looking for love.   Jump suits are so attractive aren't they????

TrekPassions.com: If you're a real fan of Star Trek– you just night be able to beam up some love here!   Fascinating, eh???

VampireSinglesChat.com: Ladies, your Edward Cullen awaits and perhaps a trip to the blood bank????

Geek2Geek.com: Nerd lovers, this be your site!!!   Pocket protectors optional.

AmishOnlineDating.com: For all those lonely Amish folk looking for a match. My thought is---do Amish people even use computers and the internet?  Well---maybe some do!