Some guys are pretty amazing--it looks like "SUCCESS" IS their middle name, and other guys---it's like their name is "LOSER!"    It gets down to 5 specific things that can keep you from being as successful as you can be, and here they are, courtesy of Your Early Morning Radio Pal....



#1--BEING LAZY – Every single successful person works their butt off to get where they are. That's the way IT IS!

#2--FEELING ENTITLED – The world does NOT owe you a thing. All that you want is there for the taking, but you have to make it happen

#3 BEING AFRAID – No more being afraid of looking stupid. No more being afraid of what your friends and family are thinking and what they may say.

#4 BEING SURROUNDED BY NEGATIVE PEOPLE – Anybody in your life who offers discouragement needs to be GONE from your life.

#5 WASTING TIME – How are you ever going to get things accomplished, or reach any of your goals, if you keep wasting time? (