Attention, brides and grooms-to-be, you may want to call off your wedding! Studies show that a lot of couples walk down the aisle knowing it’s a bad move, only to later divorce.  But columnist Christina Steinorth says you can save yourself from a messy divorce – and thousands of dollars in legal fees – by recognizing the top signs that “Til Death Do Us Part” isn’t in the cards:

You don't get along with your fiancée’s family. Experts say you don’t have to be BFF with your future in-laws, but if you have a bad relationship with them – that’ll doom your relationship with your partner.

You’ve dated for less than a year. The first year of dating is the honeymoon period – where everything your partner does is adorable. But as they get more comfortable with you, they’ll relax, and you’ll see more of their real, unfiltered personality. And it may drive you crazy. So, wait at least 2-years to make sure you see the unvarnished side of your partner.

You haven’t had a heart-to-heart about fundamental issues. Do you want kids? What happens if one of you returns to school and the other becomes the sole breadwinner? Our expert says that a lot of couples are too scared to talk about big issues before the wedding – and figure they’ll work things out later. Only to realize that neither of them want to compromise.

You have a gut feeling. A lot of people dismiss legitimate doubts as wedding jitters. But our expert says that a gut feeling is your body’s way of picking up on signals that your brain may not be acknowledging.