Think you need to put all dating on hold till after the holidays? Think again!   Here are some reasons to mingle this holiday season ...


It's Cold ­­-- Here's your chance to cuddle, light a romantic fire, and cozy up with a warm drink ...

Winter Clothes -- In the winter it's all about layering ... making it the perfect time to land someone with eyes just for you.

Ambience -- Holiday lights and candles are romantic and flattering. Add the scent and soft glow of the tree and the crisp hold-me-close air and ... magic.

Parties -- You get to dress up, see people you haven't seen in ages (or ever) and there's even mistletoe if you drink enough egg nog!

The Music & Shows -- Shows and songs with happy endings, spirits of good cheer and peace to all mankind? Who wouldn't get a little romantic?

Others Just Like You -- A lot of singles tend to think of the holidays as depressing -- it seems like everyone else has a special someone. But that's why it's a great time to date! Everyone is in a giving mood, focused on family, and maybe depressed and alone like you!