The North Dakota Department of Transportation recently began replacing the state's 'Red Tomahawk' state highway sings with ones that feature the outline of the state's shape.

The 'Red Tomahawk' signs depict the silhouette of a Native American's head and have been used to number state highways in North Dakota for more than 100 years, according to The Grand Forks Herald.

So far, the only signs that have been switched out are those that are on highways currently undergoing construction. The NDDOT has stated that they won't just replace the signs to replace them. They'll only do it when they need to be replaced, meaning you'll still see the 'Red Tomahawk' signs for quite some time.

There were a handful of reasons to make the change, including uniformity with other states that use their outline on their signs.

There are some detractors, though, who think the change was politically charged, because using the outline of a Native American's head was 'politically incorrect.'

No matter what the reason, the new state highway markers are here to stay.

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