Seems like every Christmas, the people I see attending church are, for the most part strangers. I do not mean any offense, but let's face it, most people find the time to make a worship service on Christmas. At the end of mass, I sometimes think to myself, "I'll see you for Easter".Easter is the other time I see these nameless faces. Regardless, if you and your family find time to make a worship service, I have compiled a short list of places and times of worshipping in the Bismarck-Mandan area.

You know it's true, so don't judge me!

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St. Mary 806 East Broadway, Midnight Mass and 10AM Christmas Day

Cathedral of The Holy Spirit  520 Raymond Street, Christmas Eve 4:30 PM Christmas Day, 12 Midnight and 830,10 and 11:30AM

Spirit of Life -Mandan, Christmas Eve 5pm, 10pm and Christmas Day 10am


Charity Lutheran Church  120 Aspen Ave. Christmas Eve 2, 330, 5 and 1PM, Christmas Day- 12 mid night

Faith Lutheran Church  1402 East Ave C, Christmas Eve Service  2,4,6 and 11PM Christmas Day 10AM

Good Sheppard Lutheran Church 106 Osage Ave, Christmas Eve 1:30,3,4:30 ,9 and 11PM, Christmas Day 10AM


First Evangelical Free Church 205 43rd Ave ,Christmas Eve Service 5:30PM