There are awkward moments in life -- and then there are awkward YEARS in life. For many people, middle school ranks right up there with the stormiest of storms. I wasn't part of the "in-crowd" in junior high--those years were NOT fun for me at all. I liked girls, but was scared to death of them. I don't have that problem anymore, but wow...remember your Junior High or Middle School years? Were they good or bad???

And, everything in middle school comes together in the most terrible way during middle school dances.
According to, here are some things you may remember about your junior high or middle school dances:

Guys being shorter than girls

Drinking soda

Weird, creepy or awkward chaperones

Awkward slow dancing


The YMCA/ The Macarena

Not dancing

Segregation (The best way to avoid cooties is to avoid the opposite sex ...)