I've loved Bill Cosby since I was a kid--and I bought a bunch of Bill Cosby albums, and now have his stuff on CD.   And I had the honor of seeing him live a couple of years ago and what a treat that was----very clean and very funny.   I'm also of fan of David Letterman---love the Top-10 List, and of course the quirky Jerry Seinfeld.  Anybody miss watching Seinfeld on Thursday nights on NBC????  Looks like those guys are making some pretty good money making us folks laugh.  How much money?   Got an answer for ya!



A research company called Wealth-X has come out with a list spotlighting the wealthiest comics. Here are the Top 5 money-making comedians.  See IF you're favorite is on the list!

1. Larry David – $900 million

2. Jerry Seinfeld – $800 million

3. David Letterman – $390 million

4. Bill Cosby – $390 million

5. Adam Sandler – $290 million (Media Bistro)