This is the weekend---head on downtown to the 7th annual Rip Roarin' Ribfest!!

Townsquare Media

If you needed another reason to go to Rip Roarin’ Ribfest this weekend, it just might save your life!  A new study in China finds that high protein diets may prevent against strokes.  Seven diet studies were done involving 250,000 people whose diets were monitored for about 14 years.  Scientists found that those who ate as little as one chicken or salmon fillet each day, about 20 grams of protein, reduced their risk of stroke by 20%.  Each extra 20 grams of protein eaten per day, reduced stroke risk by about 26%. 

Along with ribs, you should also be eating fish, which was found to be especially beneficial in the study.  Fish contain omega-3 fatty acids and some other nutrients (including protein) which may help prevent strokes.  Although the study did not support increased consumption of red meat, they found that animal protein was more protective than vegetable protein.  So, this weekend, when you go down to Bismarck’s annual Rip-Roarin’ Ribfest, not only will you have a great time, but you are also doing something good for your health.

Source: DailyMail Online