Over the years, the holiday season has become blockbuster movie season with studios releasing some of their biggest and best films into theaters over the next few weeks.

According to TheSmokingJacket.com, here are some movie theater rules everyone should follow:

Order Your Tickets in Advance -- These days, almost every theater gives you the option of purchasing your tickets online, and some even let you choose your seat.

Get Situated -- Too many people sit down in their seat. And then stand. And sit. And stand ... Take off your coat and turn off your cell phone BEFORE sitting down.

Don't Be a Trailer Critic -- No one in the theater cares if you like or dislike an upcoming movie. Seriously. No one. So, please keep your mouth shut during the trailers.

Appropriate Bathroom Breaks -- There are good times (and not so good times) to get up to use the bathroom. Getting up during exciting moments in the film is just rude. If you need help determining when to go, check out RunPee.com, which offers the ideal pee-break times for whatever's in theaters.

  Clean Up After Yourself -- Unless your mother works at the       theater, don't abandon piles of garbage when you leave.