Taking care of our pets is a big priority.  And I know some people who spend soooooo much money on specialized foods for their pets and even cook their animals special meals.  But after a little research I have found that feeding your pet a healthy, tasty diet doesn't have to be complicated – as long as you keep a few important things in mind.


Commercial pet food is healthy – If you're breaking the bank to buy special brands of pet food, you’re wasting your money. All the brands sold in supermarkets or pet stores meet basic nutritional needs.

Canned food is a condiment – Canned food is mostly water, so just use a bit of it as flavoring for hard food. It's not necessary unless your vet recommends it because of a pet’s medical problem.

Don't ever cook for your cat – Cats have very specific nutritional needs. If they come up short on certain amino acids, they can go blind or develop heart failure. (Yahoo Shine)