If you’re in a relationship---dating, engaged or married and things aren't going perfect.  I may have an easy way to right the relationship boat here for you.  So before you go splitting up your collection of DVD movies and fighting over who gets the bedroom set, make sure you’re doing some of these things:


Enjoy each other’s company – Make sure you’re really spending time together and doing different things together---and we're talking more than parking your butts in front of the TV and sleeping.  Get out and enjoy each other and do some FUN stuff.

And don't forget these things as well:

•)Fight well – It’s actually good to fight. Sometimes it’s even healthy for a relationship. But if you’re not fighting the right way the relationship may not work.  Healthy fighting includes showing respect to your partner---even if you are arguing.  And USE the words "We" and "Us" instead of "Me" "My" and "You."  And NEVER say that your partner ALWAYS does something---in reality they DON'T always do that thing your arguing about if you think about it.

•)Move on – Don’t hold a grudge, especially after you’ve forgiven your partner and don't continually bring up the past and the mistakes that he or she made.  Forgive, forget and MOVE ON!.

•)Be Their Biggest Cheerleader – Do your best to encourage each other, and don't cut your partner down, especially when your're in public. (Your Tango)