Found a little something that opened up my eyes---who says that an actor or actress is just a pretty face.  Found some celebrities that we know and love that have some impressive college degrees to go along with their film credits!  Check out this list!



*Natalie Portman -  She has a degree from Harvard – making her the first alum to win an Academy Award for best actress. She also took some graduate courses at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

•Conan O'Brien – The current star of late night on TBS has a degree in history fromHarvard University and graduated magna cum laude.

•Cindy Crawford – Definitely NOT just another pretty face---She graduated as the valedictorian of her high school class and the the pretty Cindy Crawford signed her very first modeling contract in 1984. She used the money to supplement her scholarship to attend Northwestern University.

•Mayim Bialik – Originally the star of "Blossom," Now---She plays a neurobiologist on TV in the Big Bang Theory – and actually has a very impressive degree----a Ph.D. in neuroscience.

•David Duchovny: The star of the "X-Files" has a B.A. in English literature from Princeton University and a Master's in English lit from Yale. And it looks like there may be a new "X-Files" movie in the works too!   (Yahoo)