Well---what do you think---should smoking be made illegal? A little more than 20% of Americans think so, according to a new poll.  If you know me at all, I am one of the most anti-smoking people on this planet.  My parents both died from smoking-related diseases.   To me it's one of the most offensive things people can do.  But again, that's me....and it's not that I dislike the smoker, just that I dislike the smoking!


•)22% of those polled supported a total and complete ban on smoking − that’s up 5% from 12% back 6 years ago in 2007.

•)55% said smoking should be banned and totally illegal in public.

While most people aren’t behind a total ban on smoking cigarettes, they do realize that smoking cigarettes are bad for you:

82 percent believe that smoking IS "very harmful" for adults.

13 percent believe that it's "somewhat harmful."

4 percent believe that smoking is "not too or not at all harmful." (Huffington Post)