What's going on?

Clash On the Hill
BI Agent Peter Strzok squared off against House Republicans Thursday, and the results were, at times, positively surreal.
Basin Announces Layoffs
Basin Electric has announced it's laying off 25 employees across four of their Midwest locations.
Egged Benedict?
A Bismarck man was charged this week with throwing eggs at a number of vehicles in the area.
Fargo Theatre Stays Apolitical
The legendary Fargo Theatre wants the world to know it is politically neutral. Use of the theatre is not allowed in political ads.
Fatal YouTube Stunt on Video
Video and transcripts show how a pregnant Minnesota woman ended up shooting and killing her boyfriend in a YouTube stunt that went horribly wrong.
Tech Ranch - 'How Reviews Affect You'
On this installment of the Tech Ranch, Marlo asks, "do reviews influence what you buy online?"
The conversation is how reviews influence us, and how they affect business.
AG On Immigrants: 'It's In the Bible'
U.S. Attorney general Jeff Session turned some heads this week with his use of Biblical Scripture to justify the administration's immigration policies.