What's going on?

Here Comes Flu Season
With six cases reported, for all practical purposes, we can now say this year's flu season is officially underway here in the Peace Garden State.

Help Hazen Man With Guillain Barre
The Hazen man who auctioned his house over the weekend to pay medical bills has a Go Fund Me Page set up and needs your support.
A Sticky Situation on I-94
North Dakota police found a deposit of maple syrup on the interstate early Thursday near the 153 Exit.
Papa's Pumpkin Patch Re-Opened
Along with the cooler temperatures and the turning leaves, it's a sign of the fall season in the Bismarck-Mandan area: the re-opening of Papa's Pumpkin Patch.
Eagles Stumble To Victory
The Eagles opened the season with an 18 - 12 win over Atlanta in an opener that offered a number of moments reminiscent of the team's climb to Super Bowl victory last winter.
Flagless 'Armstrong' Flick Raises Flap
A new movie about Neil Armstrong - the first man on the moon - is creating a flap of its own for it's use - or lack thereof - of the American flag.
Minnesota Shelter 'Horrific'
A Minnesota woman is charged with thirteen counts of animal mistreatment - one of them a felony - after a search of her animal rescue operation revealed a nightmarish scenario for the animals.
Tech Ranch 'Airbnb Update' 08/13/2018
This week, Marlo, Rockin' Dave and Jim welcome Jill Schwab of Airbnb with all the latest developments. Here's what you need to know before making your travel plans!
Mollie Tibbetts And The 'Immigration' Question
Socially conservative politicians and commentators have been quick to jump on the Mollie Tibbetts story to support their anti-immigration agenda. Now many critics are hitting back.
Mandan Pit Bulls Euthanized
The two pit bulls involved in an attack on a Mandan woman and child last month have been euthanized.