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Clever Oscar Picks
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So Then…You’re In Favor of Violence Against Women?
It’s an outlandish statement- and it’s political poison that will seep into many political races for years to come.  The United States Senate has voted to renew the Violence Against Women Act.  I mean sure - who wouldn’t?
Redskins, Screaming Savage, and One More Time – The Fighting Sioux!
I couldn't very well let Valentines Day arrive without a little "Fighting" fanfare.
The Atlanta Braves have now decided to discontinue the use of the "Screaming Savage" logo for their spring training uniforms.  Upon looking at that logo, I believe I prefer the model pictured above…
Divorce? Not so fast ND!
A new bill introduced to the North Dakota House Judiciary Committee would mandate a 6-month waiting period before granting a divorce.