Relationships can be fun and they can also be a major pain in the neck, amongst other body parts.   This is for the guys----the signs that she is NOT into you for anything more than just friendship.   So take heed and avoid some heartbreak....



10. There's no tension or awkward moments between the two of you.

9. She never laughs at your lame jokes.

8. She talks about the other girls that you should like and be dating.

7. She's never interested in doing the things that you want to do.

6. She introduces you to others as her friend.

5. In public----she's never close to you.

4. She asks you to do things for her---for favors.

3. When you hang out, she brings along another person--the proverbial 3rd wheel.

2. She never touches you and does not lay a finger on you and you two are never kissing each other.

1. She's always looking at and going on and on about other men.