You know that I'm a "Dog Person."  I love our 4-legged buddies.  They just love on us and are so happy to see us---wagging that tail like crazy when we come into view.  I don't have a dog now---I'm really busy and I know needs companionship and time that right now I don't have, plus I'm renting my house and pets are a no-no and I don't have a fenced yard.   Eventually i will get a dog---like a beagle or boston terrier.    Now if you're pondering becoming a dog are some things to ponder---the signs that perhaps you should NOT own a dog, check them out BEFORE you get one!


IF You Just Want Protection – If you want a dog for protection in case of a burglar, you should instead get a home security system.  Usually around $30 a month.

You’re Jumping on the Bandwagon – If you just watched a dog show on TV, and now you really find yourself wanting one--THINK!!!  . At the very least, do some research before bringing a dog into your life.

You’ve Got to Sneak Around OR Hide The Dog – If your landlord won't allow animals, don’t even try it. Even the best behaved dogs--as good as they may be---are not invisible. You will get caught and it will mean bad news for your dog.

IF You’re Really Busy – If you are gone most of the day (or night) because of work or other commitments, it’s not really fair to bring a dog into your life. Dogs as you know love company. Leaving one alone for much of day--it's just not a good thing to do and you may bad doggie behavior. (Yahoo Shine)