There ARE certain signs you OR your kids are getting older and I believe I have come up with a pretty good list of those particular signs, check them out and see if I am right!!


#1)You get yourself carded, and your first instinct is, “YES!!!!   THIS IS AWESOME.”

#2)Instead of intoxicated party photos, your Facebook friends are post their baby or grand baby pics.

#3)When you watch those teen movies and stuff on TV, you actually find that you agree with the parents rather than the kids.

#4)You’ve gone out to a night spot or dance club and left because it was too loud.

#5)You start buying shoes based on how comfortable they are instead of how fashionable they look.

#6)You totally on your own buy the “fiber” cereal.

#7)You get really excited about pretty lame stuff, like let's say refinancing a mortgage and those low interest rates.

#8)It's OK to spend a night a home simply watching TV or reading a good book.

#9)You seriously think, how you ever pulled an all-nighter. (