Guys---is the girl your married to or the girl you're dating a "mean girl?"   I know  your mom wants to find a  “nice girl.”  But NOT all girls are nice.  I have found the sign that your wife or girlfriend is a MEANIE!!!  Me?  I'm dating a sweetie and I have none of these issues, but you may not be as blessed as I am!!


She doesn't have many friends – If your wife or girlfriend has trouble with her gal-pal friendships, she probably will have problems with romantic relationships.

She's rude to waiters and waitresses – If the woman you’re with is way too demanding of servers at restaurants, or doesn’t treat cashiers with respect, she may be wired very bad!

She constantly gripes about others – If all your wife or girlfriend does is complain about other people, it says a lot about how she views the world---AND this is NOT good.

She doesn't get along with your mother – The one person that your wife or girlfriend should get along with is your mom.  Look at it this way----IF she can't get along with the other most important woman in your life, you've got a long not so fun road to travel ahead of you. (MensHealth)