Life is hard. For example, finding and keeping a job is a challenge. Dealing with relationships can make you crazy.

And then, adding to our frustration is the stuff that should be easy for us to do – but just isn’t.

Here’s a rundown of some seemingly simple tasks everybody---including your "Early Morning Radio Pal" sucks at:


Successfully closing the seal on food packaging – Ziploc bags are pretty much just a two-piece puzzle. But, getting it to work is a struggle.

Hearing a phone number right on the first listen – It’s just seven numbers. It might as well be a foreign language.

Getting back home by reversing directions – Our human brains have the capacity to land a remote control car on Mars, but seemingly can’t reverse directions on our way home from a party.

Parallel park – While some people are actually good at this, the truth is everybody should be good at it. Coordination is key, and very few people have it. (