Since I am a single adult and at the present time not in a committed relationship, I've discovered that being alone on a holiday can be tough. With Labor Day coming up on Monday, you should do something fun instead of wishing you had a significant other. Here are some tips for how to have fun as a single this Labor Day weekend ...

•Plan ahead -- Don't think you don't have to make plans for yourself. You are equally as important single as if you were in a relationship.
•Play host or hostess -- Throw your own party and you will be surrounded by people.
•Hang out with other singles -- Plan things in advance with other single friends.
•Don't be rigid with plans or expectations -- Allow room for spontaneity. That's when things really get fun.
•Check out places nearby -- Don't feel like you have to get far away and spend a lot of money to have fun. Try a staycation.
*Be one with nature -- Get outside -- it will make you feel good!
•Give yourself a whole day -- Don't be rushed, and try to actually have a day where you experience something really cool, or different, or inspiring.