If you know me at all--I'm totally against smoking---it really grosses me out and it's just not healthy, and then there's alcohol, and drugs----we hear about it all the time---how bad it IS for us----yet people still drink, smoke and do drugs.  

The question has got to be WHY????


Well, according to a new study,---it gets down to this----the frequent users of tobacco, booze, and weed already know about all of the the health risks – and seem to simply NOT CARE.

Turns out that people who regularly smoke and drink are well aware of what their habits are doing to their health – and definitely know more than those who don’t smoke or drink.  AND----It doesn't really matter how many reports or campaigns are issued and try to scare them.   Those people really do know the risks and don’t choose to use less of tobacco, booze and illegal drugs. Instead, many of them even choose to consume more. Crazy in my book!  (Fox News)