What do you like on your pizza? Me?  I love Canadian Bacon, Pineapple, Extra Cheese and little or NO Tomato Sauce.  That's just me!   Now how about you?   Maybe some pepperoni? Maybe some sausage and green peppers or jalapenos? How about a little snake or alligator? A pizza place down in the "Sunshine State" of Florida in Fort Myers, (On the Gulf Coast Side) is offering what sounds like the scariest pizza ever.


Here's the lowdown---a place called Evan's Neighborhood Pizza offers a wide variety of pizzas, salads and sub sandwiches.   You can get over 25 different toppings on your pizza, including--get this----alligator, python and frog.   Evan's has named the special pizza "The Everglades," after the South Florida swampland that those frogs, pythons and alligators call their home.  Get ready to shell out some bucks however----the cost of this pie will set you back $45.   And this is when you pick it up yourself---delivery IS extra!!  I was in Ft. Meyers a few years back and IF only I had known this kind of pizza was available I might have tried a slice or two----NOT!!!!