I've discovered the year that I've been here in North Dakota---we have some of the friendliest people here---folks that go out of their way to make you feel welcome and are sincerely glad that you are here!

I did see a copy of "Travel & Leisure" Magazine and they had an article that featured the snobbiest cities in America.    This means if you go out to restaurants, coffee shops and even art galleries...don't look for lots of smiles and a friendly welcome so much in these cities.   Here's the top-10 they came up with, and unfortunately my hometown of Seattle came in tied for #5 and a destination for many of us in the Dakota---Minneapolis-St.Paul came in at #4.  I think in Seattle people may be a little more aloof and standoffish, but not snobby.  Anyway here's the Top-10 "Snobbiest Cities In America."



1.  San Francisco

2.  New York City

3.  Boston

4.  Minneapolis/St. Paul

5.  TIED: Santa Fe & Seattle

7.  Chicago

8.  Providence, Rhode Island 

9.  Washington, D.C.

10. Charleston, South Carolina