This Thanksgiving I am joining some friends from church and my responsibility is to bring the rolls, so I will be making a quick stop at Golden Corral---their fresh-baked yeast rolls are AMAZING.   And I believe the 3 dozen I will be picking up--should do the trick and make most folks VERY HAPPY!   When it comes to cooking a meal, if I have to cook for more than 5 or 6---panic sets in---I worry about everything turning out just perfect and all cooked just right and finished all at the same time.  



IF this is your year to host Thanksgiving dinner---there can be a a lot of pressure and it's inevitable that something might not come out as perfectly as you want it to. Just remember not to let it ruin your holiday. There is an answer every Thanksgiving dinner dilemma or that could possibly happen.  Found some amazingly great ideas if something really crazy happens during your cooking of your Thanksgiving feast!

Burnt Turkey: You probably had the oven too high, because when this happens, the turkey is probably still pretty much undercooked inside---so here's what you do to fix this problem!    Remove the burnt skin from your turkey and slather the skinless bird with tons of butter and spices. Then turn your oven's temperature down a bit, and continue cooking. You might not get that beautiful browned skin on the outside but it will be delicious to eat!

Still Frozen Turkey:   This is a frustrating one---so here's what you do to eliminate this issue.  Fill your kitchen sink with cool, not warm, water and submerge the turkey, breast-side down.  You'll want to change the water every half-hour or so and let the turkey soak for around a half hour for every pound of frozen turkey.  Now--once that turkey has thawed, it will be ready for cooking.  But IF time is a problem.  You can cut up the turkey before you roast it to reduce cooking time!

Dry Turkey: Sometimes no matter what you do, the breast meat comes out dry.  This is an amazing trick that will make even the driest breast meat moist – drizzle some warm chicken stock over the white meat to moisten it up before serving.
  Swanson's offers this product for sale in most grocery stores.

     Don't turn down a little help: If your guests offer to bring a little something along to your dinner – let them! Or if your mother-in-law is a great cook and offers you some help and some cooking ideas in the kitchen, take them.   If just might help make your Thanksgiving feast the very best ever!  (Shine)