Well---we have experienced the North Dakota State Fair, as well as the Morton County Fair in New Salem.   Looks like they're still doing county fairs down south where the weather stays warmer longer then here.   In North Georgia, i have some friends there and we got talking about fair food, since their fair is on right now and they told me about some crazy things that get served up at their fair....pretty ridiculous stuff in my book---see what you think about this stuff, AND actually eating it!!   Hmmmm---anyone have some Rolaids or Tums handy?!?!?!?



First up---The Bird Dog - this delightful fair food features chicken fingers, smothered in nacho cheese sauce, and then some bacon added and it's all served up on a hot dog bun.

Next----Flavored Funnel Cakes – They’re pretty much regular old funnel cakes, except they’re made from--get this---red velvet batter or covered in Bavarian cream.
  Lots of calories to be a counting there my friend!!

Third---The Waffle Dog – This one is almost like a corn dog, only the hot dog is dipped in waffle batter, and fried on a special waffle press.

Last but NOT least---The Big Papa – A bacon double cheeseburger, that had a big load of pulled pork, hand-cut french fries---all covered with hot jalapeno-barbecue sauce, some ranch dressing and served up on a big old onion bun that is of course---toasted.   And here's the cool part---if you eat this bit of a culinary masterpiece in under 5 minutes, you're awarded with a t-shirt that says “I Ate The Big Papa."   (Thrillist.com)

At a county fair IF I have an Elephant Ear and a caramel apple with nuts---then I'm good!!