It's been fun the past few days watching the Men's NCAA "March Madness" in full bloom.  It was cool to see North Dakota State win a game and fun to see teams like Duke and Syracuse and some other bite the dust.   If anyone gets a perfect bracket I will be totally stunned.  I'm going for Wichita State to win it all!!  We shall see.   Got some things about "March Madness" that you may not know...check this stuff out!!




1. Kentucky is making its 53rd NCAA tournament appearance, the most in the nation.

2. Villanova and Ohio State are the only two teams to have made an NCAA tournament appearance in every decade since way back 80  years ago in the 1930s.

3. New York's Manhattan College is not in Manhattan. It was, originally, but it's campus is now in the Bronx in the Big Apple.

4. Coastal Carolina University, from Conway, South Carolina, are known as the Chanticleers. The name comes from a rooster in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

5. Mercer University is making its first tournament appearance since 1985, when they lost to Georgia Tech.  And they knocked off Duke---way to go "Giant Killers!!!"

6. Baylor's star center Isaiah Austin is totally blind in his right eye.

7. You might be wondering why the University of Tulsa's team is called the Golden Hurricane when Tulsa is landlocked smack dab in the middle of the country. It's because they originally wanted to be called the more appropriate Golden Tornadoes, but the name was already taken so they chose Hurricane instead. 

8. Saint Joseph’s Hawk mascot--is a very busy mascot--how busy?   It flaps his wings approximately 3,500 times per game.

9. Wofford College from Spartanburg, South Carolina, lost it's first game this year, but it's student section is known as “Youngstown,” after longtime coach Mike Young.

10. The Kansas Jayhawks' "Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk” chant was actually started by the school’s Science Club way back in 1886. (Washington Post)