On my first day back from vacation---wanted to wish each and everyone a very very Happy New Year!  Hope you had a great celebration welcoming in 2014.  Seems that 78% of us decided to stay home to ring in the New Year and that's up from 70% last year.   Now---around the world they have some unusual ways to ring in 2014, and I thought I'd share of few of those with you!


Depending on where you are on this planet---here's stuff from various parts of our globe:


Kiss someone is special around the world to bring in the New Year...but superstition holds that if a couple ringing in the New Year together don’t smooch, then they can kiss the future of their relationship good bye.    Me?  I don't buy that, but here's some more for ya!

Cabbage, collards, kale and chard are eaten on New Year's Eve in much of the South. The tradition holds that the more greens a person eats, the more money they will have in the coming year.

In Mexico and South American countries including Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela, it's customary to ring in the New Year by wearing special underwear of various color: red if you're looking for love, and yellow if you're after money.

Over in the Philippines, people believe that wearing polka dots will bring good luck and prosperity in the year ahead.

Some people believe that breaking anything on New Year's Day means a year of other broken things, like friendships and marriages.

Many cultures do not eat any kind of fowl--like chicken or turkey on New Year’s.  Why?   Because it means the family will have to "scratch out" a living for the rest of the year.

And finally---for what it's worth----It is believed that many many years ago in the middle east---the Babylonians were the first to make New Year's resolutions.