Well--IF you've been in a relationship---whether dating, engaged or married and have been cheated on---it's NO FUN.  I experienced that in 1998.  I was married to a girl for less than a year and she was cheating and at the time it broke my heart.  I'm not a vengeful person, but I ran across these rather creative ways people did get even with those cheating spouses...kinda sounds like fun!  Because when a spouse cheats, it generally does NOT end well, agree??


A Yard Sale – While a man was on a weekend getaway with his mistress, his wife placed a Craigslist ad for his stuff and sold it all before he got back to town and I LOVE IT!!!

eBay – A man, tired of his wife’s cheating ways and screwing around, actually put all of HER up for sale on-lline on one of my favorite sites---- eBay. Bidding started at a penny.
  And when she returned home, there wasn't a whole lot of it left!   Gotta LOVE eBay!!

The 75-Cent Car – Since I am a "car guy" I can imagine what this guy felt like when he came home and found his car sold, but it serves him right.   A spurned wife went online and listed her cheating husband’s $38,000 Lotus Esprit for 75 cents. It sold in a few minutes, and a happy customer drove it away before the guy came home from work.

A Load of manure – Now if you think you've been treated like crap by a cheating spouse--and you probably do.   How about this story and you gotta love it.  A man who caught his wife cheating loaded up a tractor of manure and dumped it into his wife's prized convertible car. (Cracked.com)