I realize Labor Day Weekend is officially in the rear-view mirror, but that doesn't you can't be out on your deck grilling---I'm out there year round.  And I have some buddies with the fire department that have allowed me to share some of their safe grilling tips--pretty much guaranteed to keep us out of the emergency room.   IF you love grilling---print these up and play it safe!!


#1)Do not wear loose fitting clothing while cooking.

#2)Keep your children away from the grill. AND never, ever, let them light it.

#3Keep your grill off wooden porches and decks.

#4)Always turn off the valves on your propane tank when it's not in use.

#5)And, to guard against the possibility something crazy happening---like big damage or an explosion, burners, tubing, and piping should be clean and free from insects, dust, and debris.

Mostly just common sense stuff---but still good with lots of grilling time left!!