Maybe I'm weird for a guy, but I don't mind doing laundry--usually one or two small to medium loads a week.   But as I know it a fairly common thing for women to make fun of us guys and the way we do what we do with the washing machine and dryer.  It does bite if you don't have a washer and dryer in your house or apartment and you need to hit the laundromat weekly.  I do remember those days---NOT FUN.

Before you ladies berate your guy about the fact that he hasn't washed his sheets in three weeks, take a long hard look at yourself. If you are like most women, you are keeping some seriously shameful secrets about your dirty laundry. Are you guilty of any of these?   It may show that us guys aren't so BAD after all, eh???


•When you are getting close to running out of clean undies, you hit up a dollar store for a package of panties instead of doing the wash.

•Sniffing clothes in your hamper to see if they can be worn again rather than throwing them in the machine and washing them.

•You Febreeze anything without noticeable stains so it can be worn again.
•Reusing your towel many more times than you should---hey you think to yourself you are clean once you get out of the shower!