Well---I've got the "Bare Facts" here for you, because if there’s one thing that’s true in life, it’s that everything is more fun ... naked---well some people believe that.  I'd probably not outside this time of the year in North Dakota with below zero wind chills.  I have found some odd events going on around the world that are pretty much "naked events!"


These are actually pretty funny things that people have been invited to and have chosen to be a part of....which one would you like to be a part of, hmmmm?

Naked Shopping – A shopping center in England gave $145 gift cards to the first 100 women to show up in nothing but their bra, panties, and high heels.  My thought is this---what IF a guy showed up wearing that stuff---what would HE get?

Naked Sledding – Over in Germany they are home to the National Naked Sledding Championships, which will be held this year on February 15th.

Naked Reading – A controversial group at Oxford University in England (I believe this is where former President Bill Clinton went to college for awhile--now we know why) enjoys a “Half-Naked Half-Hour” in the library every Wednesday.

Naked Hairstyling – A hair salon for guys in Australia called Hotcuts features nothing but topless hairdressers.

Naked Workout - A gym in Spain now caters to nudists. But, they do provide towels for comfort and "to prevent slippage" on the equipment.

Again, these are your "Bare Facts!!!