Well--if you listen to me in the morning at the COOL 98.7 Breakfast Table, I'm almost always in a great mood and around 6:10 in the morning share a little something funny from Bill Engval or Jeff Foxworthy.   Now I've discovered there's a good reason why I share something funny each weekday morning......


According to a new study, laughing makes your brain actually work better – and according to this study it's really true with older adults.  Laughter made scores on memory tests improve, pleasure hormones increased, and stress hormones decreased for folks who spent around 20 minutes of watching some funny videos without any distraction.  

So--what I'm thinking is that the next time you can’t remember where you left those missing keys of yours keys, instead of running around the house or office like a crazy person –how about simply chilling out watching a little something that makes you laugh.  And then you just might find those keys missing in action a lot faster---or in around 20 minutes!!!  (ABC News)