The results of a survey has been tabulated and guess what we don't like---86% of us do not like unruly, wild, crying, fussy children!!


A just published survey that asked people what their biggest pet peeves were and coming in at the top of the list with  86% was parents who let their kids go crazy and run wild in public places, or crying fussy babies.....

Other top pet peeves:

People That Are Rude −85 percent

People Who Are Slobs − 80 percent

People who are always late − 80 percent

People Who Talk Loud− 71 percent

People Who Talk Loud While They Are On Their Cellphone − 65 percent

And Last But Not Least---Airline passengers who put too many things in the overhead bin or wind up using those overhead bins that aren't even close to where their seat is − 65 percent 
(Yahoo Shine)