I suppose summer will arrive--eventually here in Bismarck, and we all enjoy soaking up a few rays---maybe along the ol' Missouri River or on a nice pontoon boat.  And most people know the risks of baking in the sun without any protection, but countless people still do it.


And here's a shocker: According to a new study, 25 percent of melanoma survivors don't even use sunscreen, and at least 2 percent have been in a tanning booth in the last year alone.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States, so what's the deal? Why do so many people risk their lives and premature aging to achieve the perfect tan? Basically, it's because being in the sun makes us feel and look good.

Endorphins are released when we sit in the sun, and it makes us feel euphoric. There's a reason people always say, "Ooooh, you look so tan," or you have a "healthy glow." A tinge of color from the sun does look good – but with so many awesome products on the market for self tanning and SPF protection, it's better to sit in the sun protected and get your healthy glow out of a bottle. (HuffingtonPost)