Spring begins Sunday (3/20) and with the spring like weather the Bismarck-Mandan area has had in the last few weeks, it's like welcoming an early spring. We have the early spring weather outlook for 2016.

Talking with farmers at the Morton County Ag Day this week, it's no surprise they want and need moisture. The light snow these past few days will only serve as a tease. On the other side of the spectrum, others may be ready for sun, and warmer temperatures to play on the lakes, rivers or ride motorcycles.

According to the forecasters, the outlook for April, May and June looks good for the area. The Northeast and mid-Atlantic states will continue to have a cold grip with the chance of snow through the end of March. The South and gulf coast will have a good chance of severe storms and flooding. For our area and most of the country outside of the regions mentioned earlier, the spring like weather won't become apparent until late April.


The long range forecast could bring moisture to our area in terms of storms, the stable air our area will experience will bring the strong possibility of storms in April. Contributing to these storms will be the intense heat and drought in the West.

Over all, the prediction for this area for the spring is mild temperatures, with a below normal chance of showers through the June. The lack of cold air in our area and the sun getting higher in the sky will make it feel pretty nice for the Bismarck-Mandan area.

Lets not forget, this is North Dakota. Remember 4 years ago, we had an April, late spring snow storm, blizzard that dropped 18 inches of snow on a Sunday and by Tuesday, it was gone.

Mario Tama/ Getty Images