One thing you'll discover about me is I do love to bowl. Started off when I was in 5th grade at the age of 10. At that time I was growing up in the Seattle-area and got in the junior bowling league program. And I became hooked! This past year in Spokane I averaged 211, had a 300 game and a couple of 299's and my Wednesday night team won the league title! Now it's bowling here in the Capitol City--officially bowling in Mandan at Midway Bowl. I was impressed with the 52 lanes---one of the biggest bowling alleys. Didn't do great on Tuesday night--that's when they have what it called a "sport shot" on the lanes--it's the way they are oiled and it will make your bowling ball react in a particular way. Wednesday it was the "house shot" and I did much better--rolling a couple of decent games 202, and 236 and averaged around 205. Great people that I bowl with---definitely alot of fun! Looking forward to bowling some great scores this year! Definite Good Times!!!