We may have the #1 economy in the nation---something to be very proud of, but we rank #4 in something NOT to be very proud of---the consumption of alcohol!!


New study is about and it's about Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and the state that says "Live Free Or Die" on their license plates consumes the most booze!! New Hampshire is number one in the country in alcohol consumption.

The people of the Granite State had the highest national consumption of alcohol − 4.65 gallons of booze per person, per year − nearly twice the national average.    North Dakota isn't too far behind at #4 and our neighboring states of Montana and South Dakota consume a good amount of liquor as well.  Montana comes in at #7 and South Dakota comes in at #12

Here are the Top 10 States That Drink The Most Booze---the numbers are the average number of gallons consumed annually!!

1. New Hampshire − 4.65

2. Washington, D.C. − 3.89

3. Delaware − 3.59

4. North Dakota − 3.42

5. Nevada − 3.27

6. Wisconsin − 3.0

7. Montana − 2.96

8. Vermont − 2.92

9. Alaska − 2.82

10. Colorado − 2.76

The state at the bottom with the least amount consumed was the "Beehive State" of Utah, with folks there there drinking just 1.37 gallons per person a year. (Yahoo)



South Dakota is #12